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(RS) Four Ashes Ltd – Renault Specialists are considered one of the best Renault diagnostic specialists in the country. Based in Four Ashes, Wolverhampton, West Midlands we have customers travel to us from Sheffield, York, Nottingham, Manchester, Bristol & as far a field as London to have us fix their vehicle, and we have yet to fail with getting to the bottom of a problem.

How we diagnose Renault faults

Our diagnostic equipment is state of the art, we use the latest edition of the Renault ‘CLIP’ equipment (the same as the Renault main dealer), and we are one of the leading Independent specialists in diagnosing faults on Renaults in the UK.

If you car develops a fault, you do not have to go to a Renault main dealer to find out what is wrong with your vehicle as our diagnostic equipment reads thousands of different fault codes and can quickly diagnose and identify the fault codes and warning messages.

Modern vehicles have lots of sensors that monitor and report to the cars ECU (Engine Control Unit) informing the vehicle of information about how components are performing and any problems. When a problem occurs the fault is logged in the ECU with a given fault code that we can fix.

Our diagnostic equipment will read the fault or message and provide information to help us diagnose the root cause and also clear the fault codes from the memory. It is important to note that not all fault codes will always activate a warning light and we often find other components that are causing problems.

Alongside this RS Four Ashes Renault Specialists have a highly skilled team with many years experience. Our head technician is a Renault trained main dealer Master Technician who won the car maker’s UK Co-Tech Challenge, seeing-off competition from the top ten UK Renault technicians. That won him a prestigious place at the international final in Paris.

You can be fully assured that you have one of the best Renault technician’s in Europe looking after and advising you on your vehicle.


Diagnostic Testing & Fault Finding

Our diagnostic fee is only £60. So if you have a problem with your Renault book it in with us today.

Please note- If you have any questions or if you are after advice we don’t mind helping out as we are very friendly and helpful, but please do respect that we are running a professional business not a hobby, and unfortunately sometimes we cannot fix vehicles over the telephone. So if you have a problem with your Renault book it in with us today please.

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